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H-Flow-S50 Hydrogenation Reactor

H-Flow is a fully automatic hydrogenation reactor based on the continuous flow technology. A patent of micro-reactor technology derived from Tsinghua University is used in this instrument to achieve a rapid mixing of high-purity hydrogen and reactants. The mixture is continuously hydrogenated in a micro-packed bed filled with catalyst. Continuous hydrogenation is much safer reaction for only a little hydrogen stay in the reactor at the same time while products can accumulate in a long period. With automatic control, in-line analysis module and automatic sample collection function,  H-Flow is providing a safe, environment friendly and efficient hydrogenation process.

    H-Flow is suitable for the rapid process optimization and catalyst screening. For some kilogram-scale production requirements, H-Flow S50 model can also achieve in fume hoods.

  • performance
  • technical index
  • Product note

    ·    Can be directly connected to high-pressure hydrogen cylinders, or optional high-pressure high-purity hydrogen generator

    ·    Fully automatic control of hydrogenation process to avoid batch-to-batch variation

    ·    Process intensification of hydrogenation and greatly decreased reaction time to several minutes

    ·    Small  reactor and intrinsic safety characteristics

    ·    Fast sampling with sample collection port

    ·    Active and passive safety protection solutions to make the process more reliable and safer

    ·    Reaction temperature can be up to 200℃ and working pressure can be up to 10 MPa, suitable for most hydrogenation applications

    ·    Improve the efficiency of process optimization and catalyst screening

    ·    High-throughput equipment model to realize the  kilogram-scale production

    ·    Can be placed in a fume hood

    ·    Optional online UV-visible spectrometer and near-infrared spectrometer for online monitoring and analysis




    Volume of catalyst in reactor



    Catalyst particles


    Working Pressure


    Reacting Temperature

    RT ~200℃

    Preheater   temperature

    RT ~200℃

    Liquid feed flow rate

    0.1~10 ml/min

    5~50 ml/min

    Flow accuracy


    Hydrogen flow rate



         Nitrogen flow rate



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