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Online UV-Vis spectrometer

When the online analysis module is combined with process analysis technology, flow chemistry can achieve rapid analysis, optimization and scale-up. Researchers can monitor steady-state conditions to troubleshoot processes and identify reactive intermediates. At the same time, by detecting the reaction results, the feeding speed, temperature and pressure values of the reaction system can be optimized in real time to achieve closed-loop control of the flow process.

  • performance
  • technical index
  • Product note

    ·    Continuous online monitoring for reduction and color-change reaction

    ·     Low-power pulsed xenon lamp as a light source, its pulse life exceeds 1 billion times, and it can work continuously for more than 5 years

    ·     On-line control software, built-in chemometrics method, real-time calculation of measured sample 

    ·     Provide digital or analog output interface,



    Wavelength range


    Wavelength accuracy


    Spectral bandwidth

    8nm、4nm Optional

    Light path of flow cell

    3mm10mm Optional

    Cell volume

    20μL10μL Optional

    Optical path of immersion fiber optic probe


    Immersion fiber optic probe material

    316 stainless steel,   Hastelloy, PEEK

    Communication   Interface

    External interface



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