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BP series automatic back pressure valve

During the flow chemistry, pressure fluctuations in the reaction system will occur. There is a hysteresis in the traditional manual pressure adjustment, and the pressure stabilization time cannot be guaranteed. BP series automatic online back pressure regulator can adjust the pressure of the reaction system in real time according to the set pressure value, providing guarantee for the development of flow chemistry process methods.

  • performance
  • technical index
  • Product note

    ·     Quick calibration in 3 seconds, automatic pressure adjustment in 0-6000psi

    ·     316L stainless steel or Hastelloy, suitable for gas or general liquid

    ·     Removable valve core structure, easy to clean, simple maintenance, and prolong valve service life

    ·     Optional 200 ℃ high temperature back pressure regulator, suitable for high temperature system reaction

    ModelBP –A250BP –A500BP –A1500BP –H1500BP –A3000BP –H3000
    Pressure range0.1-250psi0.2-500psi0.2-1500psi0.2-1500psi0.2-3000psi
    Material316L stainless steel、Hastelloy
    Control accuracy±1%
    Pressure repeatability0.50%
    Valve response time≤ 3s
    Leak rate2×10-8atm.cc/sec He
    Temperature-40~70℃、Optional   200℃ high-temperature version

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